The top 3 best Asian Countries to relax in


3 - Laos

This one isnt exactly beach side, but we cant exclude this from the list because of the simple reason that Laos is AMAZING. The north is slightly more cool but when you venture south this is a haven for hammocks and lounging about sippin beerlao's and backpacking through the jungle and mountainous like terrains.

Who can forget tubing in its prime, right? A hedonistic heaven for the young, no rules apply! But lets be real, coming home after a long day of drinking and mud sports and beer pong, there is absolutely nothing better than getting out on the balcony on the hammock and staring at a view like this.

EDIT: Since writing this article I have been informed there is a new capital for hammocks in Laos, the once party town of Vang Vieng is a shell of its former self, now a little island in the Mekong River called Don Det gives refuge to the young travelers trying to get away from the mix of it all



2 - Thailand

Yes, Thailand - what else can be said? This is the Luigi of South East Asia, easy to stomach, easy to navigate and a complete all rounder. Perfect for someone travelling to Asia for the first time.

Thailand is probably my favourite country in the world, and there are simply no shortage of beaches where a hammock fits beautifully to take in the beautiful laid back yet crazy surroundings, think Phuket, Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Lanta, Ao Nang and last but not least, our guilty pleasure haven - the almighty Koh Phangan.


Part of my personal collection of Cambodia photos!

Part of my personal collection of Cambodia photos!

1 - Cambodia

2 words - Koh Rong.

This island is pure paradise, it is my favourite island in the world and I have never seen sand and water so perfect in my life. There really is little to be said about perfection. But i can think of a few words that sum it up nicely: Quiet, safe, community, one generator, no vehicles, amazing views and crystal like water. nuff said.



Honourable mention: Gili T

Gili T is very similar to Koh Rong in its size and scenery - great nightlife too. I feel like I could only choose 1 tiny paradise and it has to be Koh Rong. Gili T does hold a special place as the food and shopping is incredible, so I still highly recommend you hit this island up after drinking your soul away in Bali.