Hanging Hammock Chair Stand

Hanging Hammock Chair Stand

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Hanging Hammock Chair Stand

Comes in nine parts, very easy to assemble

  • Sturdy Steeled Frame

  • Weight Capacity: 120Kgs

  • Colour Pattern: Black

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Built from powder coated steel, the 2.1m A frame is designed to be weatherproof and rust proof and durable enough to withstand robust use of up to 120kg weight capacity. The frame is easy to use and can be easily adjusted for the desired height. Additionally, the cross shaped base ensures that the entire ensemble is safe and sturdy.

* Easy assembly
* Powder-coated finised steel frame
* Water proof and weather proof
* Anti-rust
* 360° rotation for hammock chair
* Holds up to 120kg
* Perfect for indoor and outdoor

* Frame: Powder coated steel
* Weight capacity: 120kg
* Base dimension: 110cm x 110cm
* Height: 210cm
* Weight: 15kg
* Colour: Black

Package Content:
1 x Garden Hammock Chair Stand
1 x Assembly Manual

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