Standard Hammock

Standard Hammock

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Parachute Hammock

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Your basic hammock in a range of colours, suitable for outdoor living and camping, balconies and in between trees.

Product description:

* The Nylon 210t material is tough, good tear resistance and improved breathability.

* The hammock can be used as a storage bag, and can be used to carry water, snacks, mobile phones and more when camping outdoors

Condition: 100% Brand New & High Quality

Type: Garden hammock

Material: Nylon 210t

Folding size: 22cmx13cmx6cm

Suitable for: Single person

Max bearing weight: 240kg recommend less than 500 pounds

Package contents: 1 * Hammock(with 2 carabiner) + 2 *  ropes


  • The height of the two bindings should be equal. Keep the balance of the hammock.

  • Don't stand on a hammock, you can sit and lie down.

  • Please put protective pads under the hammock when the children are using them.