Ultra Large Parachute Hammock

Ultra Large Parachute Hammock

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This Ultra Large Parachute Hammock is great for the outdoors and allows for 2 people for a snug fit!

Size is 260 x 140 cm

Please note the extension belts shown in the images are not included and must be purchased separately

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1 Please allow the hammock to hang with enough pull, please dont force it to fit.
2 Hanging height not to be more than 1M, to prevent any accidental injuries
3 Dont tie hammock to sharp objects, to avoid damage to the rope.
4. The product is not fire proof, please keep it away from fire or hot objects.
5. Constanty check both ends of the rope to prevent excessive wear.
6. Dont swing back and forth unreasonably so as to avoid the rapid wear of both ends of the rope which could create damage.

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