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Here at Oz Hammocks, we pride ourselves on quality hammocks at quality prices. Based in Melbourne with select warehouses across Australia we are passionate about bringing our love of hammocks, hanging pods, swings, chairs and outdoor furniture to your living or camping areas. We are Australia's number one online supplier of hammocks, camping hammocks and hanging chairs servicing all cities around the country, offering free shipping from Melbourne to all over Australia. See below or go to All Products to browse Australias largest range of Hammocks!




Standard & Parachute Hammocks

These are our basic and affordable range of hammocks. Suitable for everyday use, you can hang these on your balcony or in between trees. Very lightweight and suitable for most settings.They fit children and adults up to 190cm (6ft)


Mexican Hammocks

Mexican or Mayan hammocks are of lighter weight and usually are made of cotton or nylon in thin threads. These are great for the outdoors as they are lightweight and great to sleep on. A favourite amongst campers and trekkers!

Brazilian Hammocks

Brazilian hammocks are your most common hammocks and for good reason. Generally have more of a luxurious look and feel are of thicker build due to solid weaves. These are perfect for cooler evenings, are durable and great for families with kids! Comes in a range of colours to suit your needs.


Hanging Chairs

Hanging Chairs are usually the best alternative for hammocks when you dont have the space nor the resources for the width of hammocks. These come in a range of styles and are extremely practical, being able to hang these indoors or on a balcony and enjoy the views.

Children's Hammocks & Chairs

We have a range of child friendly hammocks for your little ones so they don't miss out on the fun. These are mostly suitable for indoor use or hanging low in the garden. They come in a range of colours and styles. Your kids will love these so dont miss out.


Freestanding Hammocks & Stands

We stock a variety of freestanding hammocks and hanging chairs in a range of colours. These are great for when you dont have the resources to hang your hammock but have space to plant one indoors or on your deck. The most practical solution when you just want a all in 1 combination.

Camping Hammocks

Our camping hammock range comprises of parachute hammocks with attached zip nets so you are safe from the elements while relaxing taking in the night sky. These come in a range of styles and colours. Lightweight and portable camping hammocks for any adventure.

Hammock Accessories

Check out our range of hammock accessories - from straps to hooks to carabiners we most likely have what you need to get that hammock put in that perfect spot! Speak to us if you need more information on what to do once you have your hammock but nothing to hang it with.

Hammocks Australia - the largest range of quality hammocks online

There is no shortage of hammocks here. No matter if you are after a Brazilian or Mexican style, camping hammocks, hanging chairs or something for the kids, we have it all. Our hammocks come in a range of styles, colours and sizes - great for gifts or just to spoil yourself. We have the biggest selection in Australia of hammocks to choose from. No matter what you are after, Oz Hammocks can provide.


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